Basic on solar, solar and solar Power.

In the basics of solar, solar and solar power we will talk about the basics of this power. That formula will be used to find out which solar cells you should use and which battery you should choose. And how many Solar Panels you need to power up lighting and other applications. Here are the main things you need to know and will be used to calculate your needs. AC-DC system, Volt, Current (Ampere), Power (Watt), Resistance, Series and parallel connection.

AC-DC system
Ac stands for Alternative Current. The current replacement is most we find in wall outlet or power outlet. The say’d Clever that we found in the wall. It is 230 Volt. DC stands for Direct Current. In solar panels, a 12 volt dc system is used. DC is present we can find in cells, batteries, and using adapters or management. See pictures of a dell charger. Dell charger also converts AC current to DC 5.4 Volt and 2410mA. Solar Panels also uses DC voltage and current.

volt is the electric force (pressure) applied to an electrical circuit measured in volts (E).
For example. P = 200W, I = 4.0A. If we have a value of watts and amps and we want to find out how many volts does it use then we should use this from Power Circle. E = P / I. 200 / 4.0 = 50V. So we find the voltage is 50V.

current flow of electrons in an electrical circuit is measured in ampere (I).
For example. P = 100W, E = 12V. We want to find out how much ampere does it use. Let’s take a look at the circle. I = P / E. 100/12 = 8.33A. Current use is 8.33A.

Power source is the product of the age of current in a circuit measured in watts (P).
For example. E = 220V, I = 0.4A. This example is taken from the picture of Dell charger. We have 400mA = 0.4A. Look at the circle P = E * I. 220V * 0.4A = 88W. The answer is dell charger using 88Watt.

is the opposite of the flow of electrons in an electrical circuit measured in ohms (R). Increasing resistance for higher voltages and higher power (watts).

Example. E = 12V, I = 3.0A. We want to find out resistance. We use the formula R = E / I. 12V / 3.0A = 4 Ohm.

Parallel connection – 12V system

Parallel connection of solar panels provides for higher current. And the voltage will remain the same. Parallel connection is best for us. Because we don’t need high voltage. Normal battery is 12V. And by selecting high voltage requires higher voltage charge controller. To connect solar panels in parallel we have to connect plus + to add and subtract – to subtract. See image for details.

Connection Line – 24V System

By connecting Solar Panels inter series. It will increase the voltage and current Amps. will remain the same. To connect solar panels in series, we must connect plus + to – minus on the next table. See image for details. In this example, we have connected 2 solar panels in series which will give 24v output.

Series and parallel connection – 24v system

If we are creating a 24v system. So then we have to connect two solar panels in series and connect two series of parallel connection panels as shown in the picture below. Increase the voltage to 24V and when we have connected the other two connected solar panels 24v in parallel, because the voltage remains the same and increases the current Amps. If we want to increase the current output above 24v so we connect multiple solar panels in the same parallel way as in the picture below.

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