The All-Energy 2019 was held in Melbourne, Australia on October 23-24 2019, which was the largest new energy exhibition in Australia and was a good platform discussion between user and developer for business strategy, future business scope & transparently meet with organization peoples. Sofarsolar, one of the world’s largest solar inverter and hybrid inverter companies in China showed its top selling products in this exhibition. Through the presentation of the product and the core technology, Sofarsolar provides a strong brand support for the customer to develop the market.


Vice president of Sofarsolar, David Zhong, has released comments stating that Australia is one of the most developed regions in the world. The installation of photovoltaic systems behind a strong subsidy policy have increased quickly and up to 11.28GW,help Australia became to the world’s best household photovoltaic market during the past 10 years from 2001 to 2018.In the future, the Australian market will still show a rapid growth trend, Sofarsolar will seize this new round of opportunities to continue providing efficient, stable and reliable inverter products for the Australian market.


As a new energy enterprise that entered the Australian market earlier in China, according to the local market summary of Australia, Sofarsolar has formulated a series of effective market strategies, occupied an important market share in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and other states for several years. At the same time, Sofarsolar had set up local company, service center and 3 warehouses to meet the market and provide better support to customers. Now,Sofarsolar has been immensely well-received by local customers.


During the expo, Sofarsolar showed the bestselling products including solar inverters, hybrid inverters, battery, AC charger inverter and hybrid inverters, attracting the attention of many Australian customers.

Sofar 1-3kW is new listed in May 2019, which not only has an atmospheric fashion, exquisite appearance, can be better integrated into the home, it is convenient for users to install, but also has a good profit performance. The maximum DC overload of Sofar 3300TL-G3 can reach 40%, coupled with the maximum efficiency of 97.7%, which can bring higher power generation benefits to users. At the same time, coupled with intelligent, smart monitoring interface, help users master the operation of power station in real time. After this model officially launched to the market which attracted the focus of the market by the majority of installers and users .

Sofar 3-7.5KTLM-G2 is widely used in small house power stations in Mexico, which is recognized by the market due to its rich functions and high efficiency. Such as 98.2% of the highest efficiency, 2 MPPT design, I-V curve scanning function , IP65 protection level, built-in sound and light alarm function.

SOFAR 33000TL,as the representative model of Sofar 30K~40K series which used in industrial and commercial power stations have 4-inch LCD large screen, fuse free design, outdoor IP65 protection, internationally brand components, 98.7% of the highest efficiency, to improve machine life and ensure the income of users.

The AC coupled storage inverter has been developed using mature, reliable technology to ensure that user satisfaction is guaranteed. By exchanging energy with the electrical grid, it helps consumers make the most out of their energy. Along with being compatible with existing grid-tied inverters, it’s able to be operated independently and works to maximize the use of solar-generated energy with flexible operation options depending on the needs of the household.

The SofarSolar hybrid inverter is also one of the available products and is an excellent choice for any households. It integrates both storage and photovoltaic power generation. The inverters are highly efficient with advanced battery management and only require a low amount of maintenance. With an LCD screen and easy mobile operation, the systems have been designed to increase the energy consumption efficiency of households in order to decrease electricity costs and increase effective operation.

At the All-Energy 2019, Sofarsolar built a face-to-face communication platform and showed the advantages of the company’s strength and products to interpret the leading position in the distributed market. In the future, Sofarsolar will seize the tuyere of Australian market development, bring more stable, reliable, intelligent string inverters and energy storage inverter, more advanced inverter and energy storage technology to Australian customers so that more people enjoy the gospel of new energy.

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