A Japanese company has applied the technology to be able to create solar panels with up to 26% higher efficiency.

Although the price of solar panels is declining, owners still have to spend more than 20 years to gain energy worth the amount of money invested and installed.

However, with a new technology, many units hope this time will be shortened. Kaneka researchers specializing in solar energy research in Osaka, Japan have created solar panels with groundbreaking improved performance.


With the new technology, solar panels have an efficiency of about 26.3%.


Currently, solar panels are theoretically about 29% efficient but in reality this figure is often below 20%. Meanwhile, Kaneka’s new solar panels have an efficiency of about 26.3%, higher than the current record of about 2.7%.

According to Nature Energy, the researchers of the company said that after optimization, its energy panels can reach an efficiency of about 26.6%.

Kaneka’s Kunta Yoshikawa said that improving the efficiency of solar panels plays an extremely important role in the renewable energy industry.

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